Pod Floors


POD floors are steadily becoming the preferred option for builders due to their neatness, economic benefits and how fast they can be installed. RJM Construction has partnered with Firth Concrete to provide what is now one of the main residential foundation choices.

By seamlessly combining Firth’s proven RibRaft® system (made of 1,200mm x 1,200mm polystyrene pods) with steel meshes and reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and Firth’s specialised concrete mix, you are guaranteed to have a durable concrete foundation that is not only clean when complete, but you will also have that aspect of your project finished in no time – there thereby dramatically reducing labour time and costs. Once concrete is poured and allowed to set, the resulting outcome is the concrete foundation/ slab – known for its energy efficiency and totally equipped with strength, durability, cleaner construction and with far less excavated material and waste.

Pod Floors are one of RJM Construction’s expertise and we understand the need to meet our customers’ quality and timeframe expectations. With our expert team of tradesmen, you can be rest assured that your projects will be well looked after.

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