Concrete Foundations


The foundation of any building – be it commercial or residential – is by far the most important part of its entire structure. First the soil needs to be prepared (site excavation) to make sure it meets engineer’s specification. It is then marked out with the corresponding points on the architectural drawings before it is boxed up to the shape of the building using timbers and other materials and filled with specialised concrete.

In some cases, the boxing is filled with Firth’s RibRaft® system, which is fast becoming one of NZ’s most popular solutions for residential and light commercial flooring. The system uses polystyrene pods, steel meshes and reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and Firth’s specialised concrete mix. Each of the components is designed to seamlessly fit together with the other, thereby dramatically reducing labour time and costs. Once concrete is poured and allowed to set, the resulting outcome is the concrete foundation slab – known for its energy efficiency and totally equipped with strength, durability, cleaner construction and with far less excavated material and waste.

At RJM Construction, we thoroughly understand each and every step involved in this concrete foundation slab construction process and know the importance of keeping our customers happy with high quality services and projects completed on time. We have in house experts with over 20 years of combined experience in the building construction industry. In essence, we are your one-stop foundation specialists providing a complete service from site works to concrete slab completion.

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